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Meet our Committees: PR!!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Learn about what makes Public Relations so special....

PR Committee 2022-23 left to right: Ryan Kelly, Shannon Hurley, Aryana Gagne, Adriana Trama, Natalie Bronfine, Anna Laursen, Abby Ariagno. (Not pictured: Brynn Gilbert, Jackson Megar, Camille Henneman, Twuyen Tran, Alexa DeMaria, Lauren Kagan)

Public Relations creates and maintains the public image of UMass Dance Marathon, handles all social media, develops PR campaigns, and documents our yearlong fundraising efforts to the public. Their responsibilities include:

  • Maintains a continuously strong presence on the UMass Dance Marathon Instagram page.

  • Provides photography and videos at events, meetings, and fundraisers to document our progress and create promotions.

  • Designs and produces logos, flyers, posters, packets, and all graphics posted to social media.

Meet each of our committee members here! And follow us on Instagram @UMassDM to stay up-to-date on all opportunities to get involved with UMDM 2023!!

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