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Meet our Committees: EVENTS!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Learn what makes our Events team so special...

Events Committee 2023 left to right: Erin Johnson, Caroline Birney, Karalyn Georgopoulos, Stephanie Edwards, Aryana Gagne, Carley Davidson, and Shannon Hurley

Events organizes fundraisers, manages entertainment, and handles all logistical aspects of all events leading up to Dance Marathon and Dance Marathon itself. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Creates the schedule and floor plan for the day of Dance Marathon.

  • Manages food, beverages, and any other hospitality needs for all events.

  • Provides entertainment for Dance Marathon and special events.

Meet each of our committee members here! And follow us on Instagram @UMassDM to stay up-to-date on all opportunities to get involved with UMDM 2023!!

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