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UMass Dance Marathon has been at our university since 2006, we were formerly known as FTK (For The Kids) but rebranded in 2021 to highlight our main event and connect us to other Dance Marathon programs across the country. 


The national Dance Marathon movement was started in 1991 at Indiana University, in honor of Ryan White. Ryan committed to attend IU, but tragically passed away the summer before his freshman year following a blood transfusion that was contaminated with HIV. His friends started a 12-hour fundraising event that has grown into a national movement hosted by Children’s Miracle Network, involving over 400 college and high school programs.


In our time at UMass as an official Dance Marathon program, we have raised almost $2 million for Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, making UMDM their largest ever donor.


2022 Was our first year returning to an in person DM event in the Mullins Center. We are so proud with the success of the event, and how we were able to re-introduce UMDM to the UMass campus.



In 2020 we had a bit of a different Dance Marathon experience, a virtual one! Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we live-streamed our efforts for 12 hours and raised over $215,050 for Baystate Children's Hospital!



In 2018, UMDM continued to grow and raise awareness on campus and in the community. Decked out in beach-themed outfits, dancers broke the goal for the year and raised over $200K - a UMDM first!



2016 was another amazing year for UMDM. Our second spring Dance Marathon raised $82,000 for Baystate Children's Hospital! 



In the 8th annual Dance Marathon in 2013, UMDM raised $22,080.64. 



In 2021 we had another virtual Dance Marathon experience. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we live-streamed our efforts for 12 hours and raised over $125,250 for Baystate Children's Hospital!



This year, UMDM made dreams come true in the Mullins Center for the first time. With the help of nearly 2,000 dancers, UMDM raised $282,123.76 For the Kids!



2017 marked another year of firsts with a morale dance flash mob on campus, FTK decorations on the school library windows, and over 1,000 registered participants. UMDM even added another comma to the fundraising total.



2015 was a big year from UMDM. For the first time, UMDM moved from the fall to spring semester and took place in the Curry Hicks Cage. UMDM raised $65,603.80. 



In the first 7 years of our cause, UMass Dance Marathon raised $120,000 for Baystate Children's Hospital and started a wonderful tradition that we are so grateful to be continuing today. 

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