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UMass Dance Marathon is comprised of two committees - Steering and Morale. We come together to build the love, spirit, and family that is The UMass Dance Marathon. If you looking for a fun community, and want to make a difference for the children of Baystate:


There is tons of planning that goes into UMass Dance Marathon. For that reason, our close-knit steering committee works with families, sponsors, hospitals and UMass to make sure that we meet our fundraising goals, run a successful marathon and most importantly, save lives. If you love the kids as much as we do, fill out an application and help us get one step closer to our goal!

Steering applications are currently closed. Please check back here in Spring 2023!




Being a morale captain means getting people amped up and excited before and during Dance Marathon! Morale captains help recruit other dancers and teams to participate and fundraise for Dance Marathon as well as lead dances and activities during the event. Morale captains embody the spirit of the kids we dance for. Keeping people happy and excited all night long helps us raise more money and show the kids how much fun we’re having helping them. 

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