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UMDM 2023 is Sunday APRIL 23rd, 10am-10pm, at the Campus Center Auditorium!!

Thank you all for taking the time from your busy schedule to be apart of UMDM 2023! Although Dance Marathon is only a few weeks away, there is a lot we can do to make this event the best it can be and to show up in the best way possible for our Miracle Families and Baystate!

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Miracle Cup

Click HERE for an easy PDF!

Miracle Cup is a fun contest that incorporates fundraising, registration, community building, and fun to get everyone excited for Dance Marathon!


The winning team will receive a physical trophy at a trophy ceremony held during Dance Marathon.


Last year, Miracle Cup raised over $50,000!! Shoutout Isenberg Women In Business for winning Miracle Cup 2023! We appreciate all your support.

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How To Prepare For Day-Of

Banner: Make a banner for your Miracle Kid! These will be hung around the room and can say anything like "___ Dances For Evie!" or "___ Loves UMDMPALOOZA" etc.

Gift Basket: These are meant to make your Miracle Kid feel special! They can be around $20, and you can look at the info sent to you about your miracle kid for ideas. A handwritten note is always great as well!

Fundraising & Registration: Registration day-of Dance Marathon will be $10, no exceptions, so get your team registered now! Reminder that every participant who raises $62 gets a free t-shirt, and please be sure to look at your team's Agreement to set a goal for fundraising. If your team wants help setting up a last-minute fundraiser, let us know!

Contact your Miracle Family! Not every Miracle Family is comfortable with being in contact with their team, but if you have received a parent's contact information, feel free to reach out or even set up a Zoom with your team and the family to get connected! We just ask that only the captain of the team is in contact with the Miracle Family.

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What To Expect Day-Of

Arrival: 9:30am

Reveal: 9:00pm

When Should I Get Here?

We ask that team captains arrive with their team's banners at 9:30am for set-up. This is important so that the begining of our event runs smoothly.

How Long Should I Stay?

  • So that everyone get's the best experience possible, we encourage each participant to stay for at least 2 hours! As captains, your teams will take example from you.

  • Because Miracle Kids will be arrivingat different points throughout the day, it is asked that someone from your team is around all day so that you are able to meet your Miracle Kid and form a connection with them! We recommend creating a sign up sheet where team members can let you know what time they'll be stopping by.

  • And, of course, the most exciting part of the day is the reveal, so be sure to encourage your team to come back to the event at 9:00pm so they don't miss it!

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Why Does This Matter?

We are This Generation, Fighting For The Next.

Some of the places our fundraising has gone in the past:

  • A kid-sized ambulance

  • A full-time therapy dog

  • A renovated  Pediatric Procedural Unit


This year our money is going to a renovated NICU!

Check out the story of one of our Miracle Children, Evie!

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Day-Of Success Kit!

Click HERE for everything your team needs for the most successful, special, and fun UMDM yet!

Donor Drive

Customize your Donor Drive to tell your story and share your why! Also, try out the Donor Drive app!


Instagram asks are some of the most successful and fun ways to fundraise! Head to our Instagram resources to see some of the fun stories we created!

Facebook & Facebook Fundraisers

Change your profile picture and Facebook banner! Follow these instructions to let your Facebook friends know what you're fighting for this weekend!

Instagram asks are some of the most successful and fun ways to fundraise! Head to our Instagram resources to see some of the fun stories we created!

Who To Reach Out To?

We created a fun list of people to reach out to for donations leading up to Dance Marathon! Send your Donor Drive link around, you never know what'll happen!

Day-Of Resources

Find all of our resources for Day-Of, everything from story posts to get out of the Mosh Pit, get duct taped to the wall, and more!

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Thank You So Much!

We couldn't do what we do without you! Please contact our Campus Relations & Greek Relations teams with any questions, concerns, or even ideas!

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