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UMass FTK Supported Initiatives

Within the past year, Children's

Miracle Network Hospital funds have helped to

support project







Spirit of the Child materials (Child Life and Outreach programs)

Experience Guide at High Street Health Center

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Patient and Family Program Support

Stryker HD Video Platform

Renovation of the interior and exterior Children's Hospital Play Deck


Fundraising Tips

  1. Individually Facebook message people (family and friends) who have either donated in the past or you know like to donate to charities. 

  2. Collect all your loose change, throughout the house or in your car and donate it.

  3. Set incentives on Facebook like if you raise $250 within 24 hours you will post a video of yourself doing something embarrassing or something.

  4. Customizing Facebook posts instead of just posting the generic one.

  5. Venmo request all your friends a few dollars and see who actually does it.

  6. Collect addresses by asking parents for their address book and send out personalized letters

  7. Do your friends' laundry for donations 

  8. Organize an event for your team

  9. If you have a job, ask that company if they will match how much you fundraised within a certain period of time

  10. Sell items you no longer want anymore and donate it to your drive 

  11. Deposit extra cans and bottles at the bottle return, which can be found at your local supermarket

  12. Share your "why". Tell people why the cause means so much to you and they are more likely to donate

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