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Over $1 million raised- Where has it gone?

Donations from 2021-2022 fund Baystate's Therapy Dog program, which thanks to UMDM is becoming a permanent resource at Baystate. Therapy dogs offer positive experiences that help minimize the stress of a hospital setting. These dogs support the overall physical, social, and emotional development of patients by reducing anxiety and enhancing coping skills.


Your generous donations have supported a state-of-the-art Pediatric Procedural Unit (PPU). Due to sufficient funding, it was able to open six months ahead of schedule. This beautiful space promises to bring a much more comfortable experience to the children and families of Baystate Children's Hospital during their daily procedures. These procedures range from endoscopies to chemotherapy treatment. Everyone agrees that this is a tremendous upgrade from the previous PPU, and it is all thanks to UMDM.

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