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The following is general information regarding our event and organization. Please message our Instagram if you have any remaining questions and we’d be happy to help @umassdm


Event Information


Dance Marathon 2022 will be held in the Mullins Center on April 9th, from 10am-10pm benefitting Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, MA. 


Guests are encouraged to stay all day, but our approximate schedule is as follows:

Morning: Opening Ceremony featuring Miracle Families and Hospital Guests

Afternoon: Performances, Raffles, Giveaways

Evening: Miracle Cup Trophy Ceremony

~9pm: Total Fundraising Reveal begins

  • This is an all ages event, feel free to invite friends and family to attend.

  • Reminder that children and hospital staff will be guests of honor at this event, please be respectful.

  • To enter the event, you must register at the door or already be registered for Dance Marathon 2022

  • Event shirts will be given for free to anyone that has fundraised $62+ representing the 62 kids that enter a CMN Hospital every minute. They will also be available for purchase.

  • The theme this year is Wild West, feel free to accessorize accordingly!

Event Covid Guidelines:

We want this to be a safe space for the hospital patients and workers we support. 


To enter, please bring one of the following: UMass Student ID, Vaccine Card, or Negative COVID test within 72 hours (unvaccinated guests will be asked to wear a mask for the safety of our immunocompromised friends) Masks are strongly encouraged for all guests.


What should my RSO do to prepare?:

If you are part of an RSO or Greek chapter, your team will be paired with a Miracle Child to support leading up to and during the event. Participating student orgs are encouraged to:

  • Attend a Captain’s Meeting

    • If your team needs more information about these, dm us on instagram!

  • Make a Banner

    • Have a craft night so we can physically display your effort at this event

    • Design ideas: (RSO) loves Baystate, (RSO) believes in miracles, (RSO) supports (Miracle Child), Thank you Healthcare Workers! Love, (RSO). 

  • Make a gift basket

    • Once you receive information about the Miracle Child paired with your team, make them a gift! We have interests and hobby info for some kids but not all, if you aren’t sure what to add to your basket just ask us! 

    • It is not necessary to get anything expensive, dollar store is great! 

    • For food items please make sure they are pre-packaged (no homemade treats) and avoid common allergens (gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts)

  • Host a fundraiser

    • Ask a local business if they’d be willing to host a giveback night

    • Host your own event (For example SDT hosting “French ToaSDT” with proceeds benefiting Baystate)

  • Post about the event on your social media

  • Have your members use our fundraising templates or stories

  • Ask your members to attend as much of the 12 hour event as possible.

Donation Request Example Template:

(Replace link with your personal Donor Drive Link)






This year I am participating in Dance Marathon at UMass! This is a national college non-profit program run by Children’s Miracle Network. CMN represents 170 children’s hospitals nationwide, and our local hospital is Baystate Children’s in Springfield, MA. 


I am so excited to participate in this 12 hour event, and need some help reaching my fundraising goal. All donations made at this link are tax-deductible, and 100% goes right to Baystate.

Please consider helping sick and injured kids near me!




Hey! I’m participating in a 12hr charity event at school through UMass Dance Marathon. I would really appreciate it if you were able to make a donation to the kids at Baystate Children’s in Springfield to help me reach my goal. Any amount is helpful! My venmo is ___ or use this link:


Our Organization:


UMass Dance Marathon has been at our university for the past 16 years, we were formerly known as FTK (For The Kids) but rebranded in 2021 to highlight our main event and connect us to other Dance Marathon programs across the country. As participants please refrain from continuing to refer to us as “FTK”.


The national Dance Marathon movement was started in 1991 at Indiana University, in honor of Ryan White. Ryan committed to attend IU, but tragically passed away the summer before his freshman year following a blood transfusion that was contaminated with HIV. His friends started a 12-hour fundraising event that has grown into a national movement hosted by Children’s Miracle Network, involving over 400 college and high school programs.


In our 16 years at UMass as an official Dance Marathon program, we have raised almost $2 million for Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, making UMDM their largest ever donor.



Instagram: @umassdm 

Facebook: UMass Dance Marathon

Venmo: @umassdm